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26 Feb 2024



We’re excited to kick off this year with an exciting new project in intellectual property law, our KLUNKER IP law blog.

Our new intellectual property law blog

So welcome to our new IP “blawg”, where we will try to bridge the gap between innovation and intellectual property (IP), particularly patent law. Our general aim is to provide startups, SMEs, technological innovators, and software- and design-oriented businesses with insights and strategies to generate, navigate, and leverage their IP effectively. As a CEO/CTO, entrepreneur, innovator, or corporate IP professional, you do not want to miss out when we explore the fascinating world of European IP law and practice, all tailored to enhance economic growth in general and your business success in particular.

Intellectual property rights are our daily business

KLUNKER IP is an IP boutique practice counselling entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, and also multinational organisations. For almost 40 years, KLUNKER IP has embodied enthusiasm and commitment to sound legal advice and technical excellence. Originally having our roots in Munich, Europe’s IP capital city, we extended our presence to Shanghai and soon also into the USA. Our journey began in 1985, when Fred Klunker and two young associates founded Klunker et al. (KSNH), the precursor to today’s KLUNKER IP. As a medium-sized IP boutique law firm, we specialise in patent prosecution and enforcement, validity and litigation, and IP strategy, along with design and trademark protection. We love utilising the IP system to support inventors, startups, and SMEs, the vital backbone of Europe’s prosperity in a globalised world. At KLUNKER IP, we blend a deep understanding of the European IP landscape with a passion for fueling innovation and securing business growth.

What has the KLUNKER IP blog to offer?

Without getting caught up in legalese or lengthy legal essays that are solely of interest to the legal community, we will provide practical guidance and insights on an array of practical IP issues that you can use to secure and utilise your own IP, especially with regard to the following four basic topics:

1. Intellectual property for Startups and SMEs: basis, strategies, competitive advantages

Under this headline, we will introduce the fundamentals of intellectual property law and its strategic importance for the business development of startups and SMEs. We will discuss the various protective rights and emphasise IP as a critical asset for businesses that offers a competitive edge in their particular market, especially against larger corporations and global players. We will also discuss IP strategies tailored to different stages of a startup’s lifecycle, from early ideation to market entry and expansion, and provide practical advice on how to integrate IP considerations into their business model effectively.

2. The new European patent law landscape, including the UPC

Under this headline, we will clarify the various options to protect your technical inventions in Europe. Important keywords in this respect are European, Unitary, and National (German) patents and patent applications, patent litigation and revocation before the UPC and German courts, as well as other protection schemes like national utility models and trade secrets. All this and more will be discussed from a practical perspective, with a focus on the strategic benefits for businesses.

3. Protecting the 4th Industrial Revolution in Europe

Under this headline, we focus on how to protect the technologies subsumed under the umbrella of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, like artificial intelligence (AI/ML), the internet of things (IoT), blockchain, big data, robotics, and other computer software and data-driven technologies. We will explore how to secure patents for AI innovations and protect data and software, discuss best practices, and devise strategies for managing such IP rights.

4. Design Protection as a Competitive Advantage

The design is very often underestimated as a protective right. While the registration requirements are low, they offer strong leverage over competitors. Your business does not need to be focused on design to take advantage of its possibilities. Here we will highlight the strategic value of design protection in driving business success and explain how design rights are obtained and used to create competitive barriers.

Let’s dive into the European intellectual property that you need

Please engage with us through this platform. For example, if you have questions or wish to discuss how we can assist your business’s success, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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In wrapping up, please remember that at KLUNKER IP, we’re not just about understanding the ‘effect’; we’re about being the ’cause’ of it—and occasionally causing a bit of a stir in the IP world with our innovative approaches. It’s this spirit, combined with our deep expertise, that drives us to protect and elevate your innovations. So, as we venture into the realms of IP law together, let’s make waves, not just ride them.

Thank you so much for your time and interest in this thrilling new project. Here’s to making meaningful impacts together!