KLUNKER IP, according to German standards a medium-sized patent law firm, is based in Munich, the seat of the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office, and a Central and Local Division of the future Unified Patent Court.

Our namesake, Dr. Frieder Klunker entered the practice of patent law in the eighties and has been one of the founders of the KSNH patent law firm. Once again in early 2017, Dr. Klunker together with his fellow partners Jochen Höhfeld, Dr. Volker Metzler, Dr. Achim Vierheilig, and Michael F. P. Müller established a committed and vivid patent law firm, KLUNKER IP, and gathered other like-minded, experienced scientists and engineers dedicated to provide custom-tailored intellectual property solutions to innovators.

At KLUNKER IP we are not only patent attorneys, but still engineers and scientists who recognize the need to protect the work in which researching and developing companies are immersed.

At KLUNKER IP we add to our passion for IP sound legal counsel and deep interest in and knowledge of our clients’ technology and business in order to resolve legal challenges. We care about the success of our clients and the long lasting relationships forged through successes and the quality of our services.

Intellectual Property Rights Worldwide

Patents in Germany and Europe

Utilitiy Models

Infringement Proceedings in Patent and Utility Model Matters

Invalidity Proceedings in Patent and Utility Model Matters
(Opposition, Nullity, Cancellation)

Validation of European Patents

Nationalization of International (PCT) patent applications

Trademark Registration in Germany, EU and International

Trademark Oppositions in Germany and EU

Infringement Proceedings in Trademark Matters

Registration of Designs in Germany, EU and International

Infringement and Invalidity Proceedings in Design Matters

Legal Opinions
(Validity, Infringement, Freedom-to- Operate)

(Patents, Trademarks, Designs)

Employee Inventions
(Incentive Systems, Calculation of Remuneration)

Strategic Consultancy

We support you

At KLUNKER IP we equally serve domestic and foreign clients as well as large corporations and SMEs. As our primary practice relates to German and European IP matters, we are also experienced in handling any type of worldwide IP issue through our network of reliable foreign colleagues.

We support our clients in drafting, filing, prosecuting, and administrating any kind of intellectual property right, such as patents, utility models, semi-conductor topographies, industrial designs, and trademarks. Beside pre-grant issues like prosecution, we provide sound legal advices also in post-grant matters, particularly bi-party proceedings such as opposition, invalidation and litigation. Likewise, our client's licensing and unfair competition and antitrust matters are also in good hands with us.

All that is delivered with utmost professional care, engagement and enthusiasm for our client's needs and technology.

Dr. Frieder Klunker 1

Partner | Dipl.-Ing. (mech)

Jochen Höhfeld 1

Partner | Dipl.-Ing. (mech)

Dr. Volker Metzler 1

Partner | Dipl.-Inform. (CS)

Dr. Achim Vierheilig 1

Partner | Dipl.-Phys.

Michael F. P. Müller, LL.M. 1

Partner | Dipl.-Ing. (EE)

Bernhard Drewes 1

Associate | Dipl.-Ing. (EE)

Axel H. Horns 1

Kooperationsanwalt | Dipl.-Phys.

Leonore Kraus 1

Associate | Dipl.-Chem.

Felix Dietrich 1

Associate | Dipl.-Tech.Math.

Shino Tanaka 3

Associate | B. Eng. (chem.)
Japanese Desk

Zhigang Xie 4

Associate | M. Sc. (Eng.)
Head of Chinese Department

Dr. Jochen Reich 1

Associate | Dipl.-Inform. (CS)
Cooperation Partner

Dr. Massimo Galluppi 2

Associate | Dipl.-Phys.
Cooperation Partner

Linda Klein 5

Associate | Attorney-at-Law
Trademark Department

Marcus Fiedler

Patent Engineer | M.Sc. (NAOE)

Dr. Ayse Sicramaz Ayaz

Patent Engineer | Dipl.-Ing. (EE)

1 Patentanwalt, European Patent Attorney, European Trademark and Design Attorney
2 European Patent Attorney, Italian Patent Attorney
3 European Patent Attorney, Japanese Patent Attorney
4 Chinese Patent Attorney
5 Attorney-at-Law